A National Solution
Preventing a Humanitarian Crisis

The following short report was compiled to address a growing and very serious problem, which appears to have been overlooked and/or pushed aside by government. If this national issue is not tackled now, the UK will become engulfed in its own humanitarian crisis, which will be impossible to reverse, and which could also trigger mass civil unrest, leading in time to a substantial increase in crime. There is now a desperate need for government and industry to work together on a larger scale, and to realise the full potential for microrenewables in relation to national energy security; if this should not occur, please be aware that the very fabric of British society could erode beyond repair. There would then be no room to adapt, or to regenerate any positive economic plan at a later date, despite assumptions to the contrary.
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World oil demand is surging as supplies approach their limits.
Extract from National Geographic article by Paul Roberts, published June 2008:

In 2000 a Saudi oil geologist named Sadad I. Al Husseini made a startling discovery.Husseini, then head of exploration and production for the state-owned oil company, Saudi Aramco, had long been skeptical of the oil industry's upbeat forecasts for future production. Since the mid-1990s he had been studying data from the 250 or so major oil fields that produce most of the world's oil. He looked at how much crude remained in each one and how rapidly it was being depleted, then added all the new fields that oil companies hoped to bring on line in coming decades. When he tallied the numbers, Husseini says he realized that many oil experts "were either misreading the global reserves and oil-production data or obfuscating it."
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